San Benito County Wine

The Western Front

Here, my great grandpa (far right) is enjoying some wine outside of Paris, during WWI. Before modern quality control, many French wines were accessible, energetic, and fun. Sharing them with each other was a precious reprieve for soldiers.

” Language is wine upon the lips. ” _- Virginia Woolf

Blade & Talon Wine is from Tres Pinos, CA. Our wines are inspired by history, science, and creativity, showcasing unique varieties from San Benito County using cosmopolitan techniques and minimal intervention. Our small batch releases are fermented with native yeast and unfiltered to be playful and distinctive.

While attractive organoleptics and balance are intrinsic to quality wine, of greater import is its ability to inspire reflection and consideration. Wine is a gateway to exhilarating conversation.

” Wine is sunlight, held together by water.” _- Galileo

In the Old World, terroir is a romantic term, used to describe distinctive aspects of a grape’s growing environment and climate, as expressed in a finished wine. In the New World, this term more aptly describes farming and management techniques. Our approach incorporates both concepts, sourcing from remarkable landscapes, that have been responsibly and thoughtfully farmed.

The interface between a healthy ecosystem and strong community results in the best wine we can enjoy together.

Négrette Clusters

This cultivar produces tight clusters. Air circulation can be improved by exposing the fruit zone, through thinning practices or by employing a particular trellis system. While light can aid the development of positive fruit characteristics, care must be taken to avoid heat damage.